Cosmic Consciousness

COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS is a series of adventurous science fiction and fantasy stories that will elevate your bedtime stories to the next level. The cosmic level. In Blood stone, Brie and her friends take their spaceship to volcanic Io, the most geologically active of Jupiter’s moons. While exploring the rocky terrain, they uncover the ancient mystical Blood stone. Brie and her…

Heavy Thinking

Ase Rose Petals. Today was a good day. I got a much needed nap and I got a win in Apex today, which is always good. I have a few more ideas for my brand and I think it would be a better way to connect with you guys. I will keep you guys updated. If you guys haven’t already,…


Ase Rose Petals. So I have decided to make a Patreon. I can offer you guys article post, blogs, flash fiction up to 750 words, and a starter script. It also includes revision sessions and updates. I would love to hear from you guys and get you started on your next career. If you guys would like any services I…

A Love Letter to Ma'at.

Your words still linger on my mind. A cliff hanger. I see you within me. Knowing that my soul burns. Twin flame. I want to tell the stars about you, but they already know. They placed us here; at this moment, at this time. The feminine to my masculine. A divine partnership. The gravitational pull you have on my soul.…

Nyoka: Ancient Sumeria

The first ancient civilization I want to bring light to is Sumer. Some of you may know about it and some don’t. For those of you who don’t, I will give you a brief rundown. For those of you that do, it’s just a refresher. So, Sumer is the oldest civilization with remains found. There have been others that were…

Nyoka: The intro

Since the beginning of mankind, snakes have been apart of their development. Every religion has their archetype of what snakes mean. In Christianity and Judaism, the serpent is evil and tricked Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge. In Islam, the serpent is known as Iblis, remain in grief. He is similar deity to the Christian devil. For the…


Ase Rose Petals. I know I told you guys that I would be doing a blog on the Serpent and how its changed over the last 2600 years. Well, as I was writing it, I noticed how lengthy it was getting and decided to it was too much. I understand how reading 10 pages of documents can be over whelming.…

Nyoka: The Serpent Goddess

As you guys know I am changing a few things about me. I feel like I’ve been holding in a lot of information and it’s time to release that energy. I’m new to this but I want to share my knowledge with you guys and help you grow on your spiritual journey. . . If you want to grow. On…

A Simple Geeky Life

The unprofessional simple life and adventures of a Chinese Londoner ^_^

Ancestral Trail

Life leads to many directions, ancestral trail leads you to the progenitors.

African Poetry & Stories by Oke Iroegbu

I-biala, Welcome, 别 客 气 , Bienvenue, Дمرحبا, обро пожаловать!, Doo Itashimashite, Bienvenidos, Bem Vindo, Namaste, Welkom, Croeso, קַבָּלַת פָּנִים, Karibu, Willkomen


I talk everything HR in Africa and anything in between...I write based on experience, and what I think would work!

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French blogger passionate about travels, food and personal development

Diary Of An Antisocial Goddess

Aspire to inspire before you expire

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The creative productions of Brandon S. Pilcher

Leafy Afro

Poetry, healing, womanity, smart thinking


Devotionals on A COURSE IN MIRACLES, A COURSE OF LOVE, and THE WAY OF MASTERY . . . with Celia Hales


The Awakening is happening


The Aryan Race - The Evolution of the Distinctly Different Past Human Races.

Metaphysical Fantasy

SciFi Now: 'A J Dalton's writing is engaging, filled with sacrifice, adventure and some very bloody battles'


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